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Home Movies: Can 11274: Monnier School, Detroit, Michigan, ca. 1947

Home movies shot at Monnier School, Detroit, Michigan, approximately 1947. Sequences include scenes in and around the school and parking lot, art classes, students (including several pairs of twins) in class, teachers in parking lot, teacher slipping as he descends steps and retracing his movements a second time for the camera, and a field trip via bus to the Diego Rivera murals at the Detroit Institute of Arts Museum.

Run time 9 minutes 57 seconds
Audio/Visual silent, color


Reviewer: Ray1936 - - January 22, 2013
Subject: Monnier
Unbelievable!! The sequence starting at 1:56 shows three cub scouts. The one on the far right is me! I nearly fell off my chair. Pleased to note that I'm still kicking, 76 years old, and retired in Las Vegas, NV. Sorry to add that the Monnier School still stands but it has been closed for nearly a decade. No, I don't remember someone making movies then! By the way, the cars all have 1948 Michigan license plates on them, not 1947, so I guess that corrects the date.

Ray Downing, Henderson, NV
Reviewer: JSBejma - - September 29, 2012
Subject: School on West Side
A school I never heard of near Fullerton and Meyers. Scenes of a school with several sets of twins and kids doing art projects. Lots of babooshkas in those days despite the fact that this school was miles from Hamtramck.
Reviewer: ERD. - - August 7, 2012
Subject: A slice of life back in 1947
Compared to now, life seemed much simpler and the youngsters much happier.
Reviewer: Spuzz - - May 31, 2012
Subject: School's out!
Gome movie here featuring students entering and exiting a school, doing projects (drawing flower vases!) and so forth. Has a couple of teachers too. Has also some shots of home life as well. Nothing too out of the ordinary here.
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